7 Months into 2015

July 16, 2015

I guess 7 months in is a good time to write something on my blog!

It’s been a busy summer, work, vacations, learning to fly 😉  So much going on that it’s easy to forget about my little corner, speck maybe on the Internet.

So I sit here thinking, what should I write?  Well I have no idea but it feels good to get some text in a database somewhere.

Being as it is late, and I doubt many will see this anyway, have a good night world wide web.


Maybe 2015 is the year…

January 15, 2015

I posted last January that 2014 might be the year for the car, maybe it will be 2015! Things are looking up but who knows, the goal in life is to continue to make progress, even if very slow. I have parts I didn’t, I have leads I didn’t, I have a mind I didn’t, maybe this will be the year to get ahead!

All of that said I have taken on a new hobby of taking flying lessons, a lifelong dream and things happened to work out in such a way I could do that so I’m pretty excited, hopefully I can make progress in all areas in life but the flying adventure really has me excited.

More to come!


2014 the year of the Challenger?

January 1, 2014

Making a little progress today so thought I would share.  It was a nice day out, great to do some garage cleaning to make some room for a bit of work.  I have most of the engine wiring disconnected, took the battery and tray out.  The radiator is out along with disconnecting the air conditioning.  Inside I removed some after market gauges and a few panels on the dash.  I took the internals out of the glove box also.

It is nice to get something going anyway, this has been a long drawn out process due to some complexities but I’m tired of waiting so time to take matters into my own hands.  I’m sure I’ll be outsourcing plenty but momentum is good to have.

Is there a better way to start a new year?  Had fun last night with several friends watching the ball drop in NYC (on the TV of course) and today it was nice to sleep in a bit then get busy.

Hopefully I can keep making updates on this blog for the car as things progress, I’ve not been very disciplined about keeping a blog but I do enjoy it when I make time.  I’d like to have it as a record for myself anyway, it can be encouraging to go back and remember where things started when in a rough patch.

Happy New Year! – pictures below, doesn’t look like much but half the time was making a place to work!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


Nearly a year again!

November 15, 2013

Man I’m bad at this, I always thought I’d be better at doing some blogging but busy seems to get the best of me.  Maybe 2014 will be a different story!

For now I thought I would just give a pre-sleep shout out to the Interwebs and hopefully be a bit more focused on some writing in the future.  Crazy that I’ll be driving down the road and think ‘that would be good to put on my blog’ but as the day goes, the memory fades, I find something else to do when stationary and then here we are…


Happy New Year! 2013

January 1, 2013

Nothing special to say but have a happy New Year!  Just wrapped up with a few technology problems and looking forward to getting some rest – be careful out there…


Space Shuttle

July 20, 2011

Since we aren’t going to be rocketing around space in the old space shuttle anymore, wonder if I could get one to decorate the back yard with?  Seems logical, doubt they will be used for much just sitting down here on the dirt.  I think it would tons of fun to play around in one after work and such.

Just a thought.


Felt the need to write

January 13, 2011

Just wanted to write a quick note about where I live and work.

I am the Senior Technical Analyst at DEVsource in Murray and I am excited about what we are doing.  It’s great to help people with technology and help businesses overcome the struggles of technology and efficiency.  I am in contact with loads of great people who not only are successful but are great contributors to our society.

We are based on Murray, Ky which is a great friendly town that is the home of Murray State University.  Being home of a nice sized university (approx 10,000 students) has great benefits.  We have a great variety of all types of people, that mixed with the small town feel makes Murray a pretty unique place in my book.

Stop by our website and check out what DEVsource does, besides it keeps me employed! 🙂