Useful websites

August 23, 2008

I ran across a list of great ‘undiscovered’ websites from PC Magazine and thought I would post some links to what I found to be the ‘most useful’.  Here is a link to the original article if you wish to have it.

PC Magazine – The Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites

OK there you have the complete list, here are the best in my opinion on the list, or at least the most useful:

Billshrink – Assists in finding a cell phone plan that is more cost effective

How to Clean Stuff . NET – Fairly self explanatory, helps with how to clean items

Stockhouse – Loads of information about stocks and the market

RerpairPal – Helps identify what certain automotive repair costs should be

Something Store – Want a surprise?  Buy here and they will send you a random something

Catalog Choice – Get only the catalogs you want in the mail, get rid of junk mail!

Gazelle – Get cash for old electronics and gadgets

Hope you enjoy, comment if any were useful!

Bonus – Stop Junk Mail Petition


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