October 1, 2008

As I venture into home ownership with my beautiful wife Megan, I’m starting to learn a thing or two about being responsible for EVERYTHING!

We have a great place, in my opinion, however as all things human made and maintained, there are a few items that need attention.  The first of those items that turned critical was the drier vent.  I had some struggles here due to the nature of how a drier vent is installed and works.  Frankly the idea of being under a house with about three feet of space or so, knowing there are likely spiders and other critters lurking around, well it creeps me out a bit.

So here is the story of the drier vent…

When we purchased the house the home inspector discovered that the drier vent was disconnected under the house.  Blowing humid air and lint under a person’s house isn’t the best idea for a couple reasons.  Cotton and most materials

that clothes are made out of are flammable, when put into a fine dust or ‘aerated’ form such as lint, it becomes very flammable.  The high moisture content of drier exhaust also creates an environment for mold and other nastiness.  The point is that a drier needs to be able to freely vent to the outside.

Part of the condition of purchasing the house was that the home owner would have the vent issue corrected.  The vent was reconnected as agreed on, however I finally discovered the origional reason it likely blew apart, it was clogged to the point practically no air could escape.  It is easy to imagine why having a stopped vent is a problem, driers need airflow to work properly.  Worse case of course is the machine over heating and potentially catching fire.  I was not about to risk something of this magnitude.

I had been working over in my head for several days on how this issue would be resolved when I had a thought, ‘I wonder if there is a device like plumbers use to drill roots out of drain lines’.  As it turns out that device does exist.  The LintEater is a stoke of genius.  I purchased one from Lowe’s today and in likely forty-five minutes or so I had all of the trash our of our drier vent!  (this is likely a bit more exciting to me than anyone else, but it was a relief)

The webpage: http://www.linteater.com/

There are some additional items needed to use this animal.  I used an electric leaf blower, my cordless drill, and some basic hand tools (pliers, screwdriver, duct tape)




One comment

  1. I’m glad you got that problem undercontrol. It’s amazing how many gadgets there are in the world! A linteater!!! 🙂 Have a good time this week!!!

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