Bring back America…

February 16, 2009

So major things are happening in our world and a couple of those items caught me by surprise today. I know there has been a lot of talk about firearms here lately and what the new Administration is likely to do with our rights. These two items, although not at the federal level, are pretty big statements in the recent ‘right to bear arms’ fight. I thought it was important to share such significant statements as these events unfold.

Please view the links I am going to attach as none of this is my material, I’m just delivering the message that needs to get out.

Here is an example of America going entirely the wrong direction:
Gun Control in Illinois, Going the wrong direction

I think this would be a mistake to just look at as gun control, there is a certain stench of assisting large insurance companies in this as well. We already are practically required to have insurance on everything in existence, now guns too? What about the people that cannot afford these policies, that use guns to hunt and for protection? Is it not a right for persons with low income to be able to protect themselves? I mean how many bad directions can this go? This is complete nonsense.

Now this is huge, there is some very strong language coming out of New Hampshire about possibly succeeding from the Union over gun control!!!! What is happening to our country? Also listen to the small snippet of our country being owned by foreign banks, that’s already starting to unfold. This country needs to turn around, and do it quick.
See this link:
Guns and the Constitution: A legislator finally ‘gets it’

Please comment and share this, this is way to important to sit on.

Thanks for reading.


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