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Space Shuttle

July 20, 2011

Since we aren’t going to be rocketing around space in the old space shuttle anymore, wonder if I could get one to decorate the back yard with?  Seems logical, doubt they will be used for much just sitting down here on the dirt.  I think it would tons of fun to play around in one after work and such.

Just a thought.


Over a year!

September 1, 2010


I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve written anything (significant in my eyes) on this blog.  The time sure flies!  I suppose I should start thinking of a topic…

Procrastination – perhaps that is the best topic.  It always amazes me on how a task can be somewhat short but the mind can create such a block when the task looses a bit of the appeal that once drew a person to that task.  It can be anything; work related, home repair, writing a blog, or even doing something nice for someone else.

Procrastination can keep people from getting the most out of live, even though such a task might seem so far away, there is a sever lack of desire or even dread, those tasks can have a big impact on life.  Careers can be made or broken, relationships can suffer, or maybe even a vehicle damaged avoiding from that dreaded fifteen minute oil change!  (I have to throw a car example in)

I don’t know that I have a real great solution but it is worth while to consider these things.  Now go out and do something that was being put off!


Tech support 101 – this just about sums it up!

August 27, 2009




Not real sure what to think about this one, but it is funny!

December 5, 2008

This is great!

November 17, 2008



Best parking place

August 10, 2008

Sunday afternoon I made a trip to the grocery store to pick up some meat and accessories (also known as side dishes) for supper.  This was just one more usual trip to Kroger, our much beloved grocery store.  The trip was fairly uneventful, parked the truck, went inside, picked up a few fruits, some cereal, some misc items, then made the usual long stop in the meat department.  I don’t know what it is about picking out the meat but it usually takes the longest amount of time.  There are so many cuts and types, it just gets a bit overwhelming sometimes.  I finally chose some pork ribs and went on my way.

Upon reaching the parking lot I made an observation which prompted this blog post, I finally discovered the best place to park.  This does not just mean that there is a single place, but possibly I have found the most ‘ideal’ spots.  I parked next to the cart corral!  My reasoning is that if a person is less likely to leave a cart out here because it’s so close, there is not a car on one side to ding a door, there is usually one reasonably close to the store entrance, and well when you leave the store the corral is close to the vehicle.  Since a person really ought to put the cart up, it’s very likely that a trip would be made to the nearest corral anyway.  Let me know what you think, I think this is a great discovery!

Cart Corral from cycle60's Flicker site
Cart Corral from cycle60’s Flicker site