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No Sleep till Brooklyn

July 24, 2008

Just wondering if anyone else is like me, seems like I go through this phase of staying up later that I should, being tired in the afternoon, then about 10PM or so I get this second wind and I can actually be a bit more productive.

I would have thought this was a college/high school thing but it doesn’t seem to go away.  I think I could get most things done best at approx 10PM.  Trouble with that is most people that need things done that want to pay for them are in bed 😉  On second thought maybe that’s a benefit…  Either way just sharing some thoughts.

The graphic below I nabbed from another site but it has it’s original URL so can’t see getting in too much trouble for using it.

My life in a picture, I think I fall somewhere short of the center though.

I think I fall somewhere short of the center.

(video reference in case the blog post confuses the reader, just trying to watch out for everyone 😉 )


First Post!

July 23, 2008

After numerous threats and such (and a bit of personal desire) I’ve decided to start a blog.  I enjoyed writing random thoughts and such several years back but for some reason gave it up.  I’m not sure what types of things I will write about, but here recently I’ve had some ideas that I thought “I should blog that”.  Of course without a blog that becomes very difficult to do.

In the meantime since I haven’t thought of much, here is some tunage for your entertainment…

We just bought the CD with this song on it and love it, it would be a shame not to share.