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Space Shuttle

July 20, 2011

Since we aren’t going to be rocketing around space in the old space shuttle anymore, wonder if I could get one to decorate the back yard with?  Seems logical, doubt they will be used for much just sitting down here on the dirt.  I think it would tons of fun to play around in one after work and such.

Just a thought.


Felt the need to write

January 13, 2011

Just wanted to write a quick note about where I live and work.

I am the Senior Technical Analyst at DEVsource in Murray and I am excited about what we are doing.  It’s great to help people with technology and help businesses overcome the struggles of technology and efficiency.  I am in contact with loads of great people who not only are successful but are great contributors to our society.

We are based on Murray, Ky which is a great friendly town that is the home of Murray State University.  Being home of a nice sized university (approx 10,000 students) has great benefits.  We have a great variety of all types of people, that mixed with the small town feel makes Murray a pretty unique place in my book.

Stop by our website and check out what DEVsource does, besides it keeps me employed! 🙂


Tech support 101 – this just about sums it up!

August 27, 2009